Thurs., Nov. 8

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Thurs., Nov. 8

Ava had a better night and morning, finally! Slept all night (2nd time in about 5 weeks), and fewer tears and no delay getting out of the car at carline this a.m. Whew.
Have a great day, all. Smile

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I hope Ava has a great day today ML! Yay for improvement. Biggrin

Anyone else just glad the election is over finally? I'm tired of the fighting. Just working today and are going to try for some family pictures this afternoon before it gets too chilly outside. With a family of six, family photos aren't always the most enjoyable. Wink Have a great day all!

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WTG Ava!!! Maybe the good sleep helps??
Good Luck Kelli! We need to do some too and I agree, with 6 it ain't a lot of fun lol.

Not much going on here today. Just cleaning! Its been so busy lately that the house has went to the birds so I need to focus on it today - so that it can be destroyed by time the everyone goes bed SIGH LOL.

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Yay for progress Ava! Hope it continues!
I hate family pics....just because I hate pics of me! Go smoothly vibes to you Kelli!
Can you come clean my house Melissa??? Smile

Went to the farm with Tyler's class today. Kindergarten is just fun! I really should have stayed home and cleaned today, but oh well. I need to get my Halloween stuff down inside. I just may put Christmas up instead of putting my regular stuff back up for 2 weeks, and taking it down again. My ILs are coming for thanksgiving and want to do Christmas, so I want to have it up anyway. We need to get a new tree too and I can't find one I like that has multi color lights! Ugh.