Thursday December 16th

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Thursday December 16th

Good morning everyone!

We had the kids Christmas Concert last night! LOVED it! They had a silent auction after mass in the school gym after, the kids had a blast. Dylan managed to gather up $35 in change to bring so he could bid on the Chocolate Basket! He didn't really have a chance though, I think it went for $80.

I'm enjoying about 15 minutes of peace and quiet. Kids are off to school. The kid that normally gets dropped off at 8am isn't coming until 10:30am and none of my other kids get dropped off until after 9am. It's so nice sitting in total silence. Ahhhhhhh.

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Good morning Samantha! I'm glad the concert went so well. That's always just cute stuff. Smile

It has been a nutso morning here at work. Ack!

The kiddos are having fun counting down to Christmas. 10 days? Really? Where the heck did time go? Wasn't it just Halloween? Biggrin Better finish up that shopping sometime soon I suppose. Have a good day all!