&& The Tread May 20 &&

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&& The Tread May 20 &&

Hey ladies! I know I've been MIA. The end of school year crazies have hit our house. Only 1 week left! Once again, I take on too much. I know it will only get worse next year when Ty is in school too!!

Not much going on with me...it's all about the kids right now. I have to say, I'm LOVING having my mom and dad here full time! It's fabulous!

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I can imagine that your parents being close is great Brandi!

We are off to Jakey's speech assessment shortly. I'm nervous about it but anxious to get this ball rolling! I know though that it'll probably be another good 4-5 months before he actually starts speech therapy, thats the way it was with Ryan grrrr.... Thankfully my neighbour is keeping Emma so I don't have to worry about chasing her around. Speaking of Emma, she is sleeping HORRIBLY the last few nights Sad Its a never ending cycle of no sleep for me BLAH! Oh well P is off for 3 days and I plan on getting lots of naps in to make up for my bad sleeps!

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Glad you have your parents there! GL with the last week of school!
Hope the speech assessment goes well. Hope Emma sleeps better soon, get lots of rest this weekend.

We had soccer and then baseball last night. Dylan was tired and slept in a little this morning!
Looking forward to sleeping in a little bit everyday this weekend. Still have a lot going on but nothing in the morning. Yay!
We bought a new SUV for me yesterday! Not brand new, but new to me. It's an extended one so lots of room for the kids and stuff in the back. And the middle seats are bucket seats so I can seperate the girls and put Dylan in the back and there's 2 DVD players to entertain them on long trips! The only thing is the dealership is 6 hours away so we might have to wait until DH's parents can bring it to us when they come for Dylan's first communion on June 4th.

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Brandi you can get through one more week! We still have a month to go.

OMG the rain. I cant remember when we last saw sunshine. We are getting a little break this weekend but then it's rainy next week too. It's not heavy floodig rain just a constant drizzle/light shower thing. Just icky but the grass is loving it and so are the plants.

We have 2 parties to go to tomorrow, a bday for John's BFF's son at Pump It Up and Luke is sooo excited. THen we have my niece's college graduation. Somehow I have to work a full day, do the banking, clean the house and get out to get gifts. John is working his second job again these days which is great but that leaves everything around here to me.