Update on Luke

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Update on Luke

Luke doctor called me today ( never a great thing when he calls himself though I appreciate it). Luke has a very small VSD (ventricular septal Defect). It is a hole in the heart that is caused when a wall is formed between both sides of the ventrical. For some reason a little area didnt close all the way. It is very tiny but usually closes with time as the baby grows. Luke's isnt closing. THe older he gets the less likely it will close on its own. He is still at an age where it could close on its own but at this point we need to be followed by a cardiologist. I am waiting to hear from the Mass General Hospital for an appt. I feel good that we have such good hospitals around us and if he does eventually need surgery he will go to Boston. Surgery is still aways off though if at all I have been promised. We are hoping the musculature of the chest cavity pushes the spot closed. I just dont like that it is more pronouned now then it was in the past. That's not supposed to happen.

We will just try not to worry too much till we see the next doctor.

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Oh my goodness, Sam. *hugs* Let us know what the next doctor has to say. I know this is nerve wracking. Just try to stay optimistic that time will heal it? Sending lots of love and support...

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This does not make me happy! Sad The good thing? You have an awesome doc that found it now instead of something bad happening and then finding it! He's going to be fine...I just know it. Smile

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It always is nerve wracking when you have a doctor call you personally. I hope this tiny hole will be able to close all on its own!! Though I am anxious to hear what the cardiologist will say. Please keep us posted Sam! (((HUGS)))

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I too hope the hole closes with time! KUP on what the cardiologist says! (((HUGS)))

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Thank ladies. I fluctuate between feeling sick about it to thinking "oh its so small and nothing to worry about." I feel better about it today than last night. I just cant imagine him needing surgery. It's too small for that. There is no way it wont take care of itself.

We have an appt Dec 23 at 8:40. I can't wait for that appt. I will let you guys know what she says.

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((((HUGS)))) Sam! I'm hoping and praying for you that the hole will close on it's on! You have lots of positive energy on here that will make it close, I just know it! KUP!

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Awww Thanks so much Sam!