Wednesday December 21st
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Thread: Wednesday December 21st

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    Default Wednesday December 21st

    Glad I had a quiet day yesterday, because today will be anything but quiet! School buses are cancelled because it is supposed to freeze rain all day! I have 7 kids including my own. Busy busy.

    I had the kids help me wrap yesterday and they got a lot done! Then I wrapped for a couple hours while they were sleeping and I got almost everything done. However, I am getting some more stuff in the mail tomorrow, so I'm not completely done yet.

    Have a good day everyone!

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    Sorry you're jam packed today. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad.
    I'm doing gifts and cards this morning. Have more errands today, including dropping by N's class party. I know they will wear me out! Making cinnamon rolls and choc pecan pie to freeze tonight so they'll be ready for Christmas day. Have a great day, girls.

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    I am right there with you Sam! 6 kids but none of them are mine. HOpe we make it out with our sanity intact.
    ML your busy too. I Love baking though. Have a nice peaceful day.

    6 for me today. I managed to get all 3 bedrooms cleaned last night. I need to finish the house tonight and tomorrow. Love cleaning. No. I dont. Still need to finish wrapping about 4 gifts or so. NOt bad but for some reason I just couldnt manage it last night. ANd I over slept through 2 alarms though morning. Nice. I must have been wiped.

    Oh and we might have a few flakes on Sunday!! YA!!

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    7 kids Samantha! Wowzers. I'm glad you got the majority of your wrapping done. I haven't started yet. Blah.
    Your treats sure sound good ML. Yum!
    Sam, busy girl you are! I love a clean house but I hate actually having to clean the house. Get yourself to bed early tonight little lady.

    It is Friday yet? lol! I have lots to do for the holidays but no time to do it when I am working full time each day. I have a few things left to buy and then all the wrapping left to do. It's enough to make a person crazy I tell ya. Have a good day all!
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