Week of April 29

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Week of April 29

Wow. So quiet here. I hate that.

Lets see. Luke and his little league team won their first game. Luke got a hit that brought in 2 runs and he also made it home as well. He has started stinking Samantha. We are now using deoderant. Smile
I am getting ready to go to Disney on business. I am laughing because it really is business but come on. It's Disney. It's like going home for me. So even though we have some official stuff to do it's DISNEY!!!!!!!!! I only had to pay my airfare too. Free park pass and free room courtesy of my boss. This is the first boss who hasn't slapped my a$$ ( when I was 17), asked me to get up on a chair to dust high places in a mini skirt while the boss "held the chair"( when I was 15), or terrorized me through 7 years and 2 pregnancies (Sandy). She is nice and understanding and encouraging and all around sweet. I enjoy working for her like I have never enjoyed any boss in my past. It makes me WANT to do a good job. I wish bosses figured that out.

Anyway. We are staying for 4 nights at the new Art of Animation resort in a suite. We are going to try out the new Senses Spa, take a ship tour, and meet with some of the people in Disney we speak to on the phone and see some venues for functions and new things we have never seen before. It will be fun. We are fitting in a visit to 3 parks somehow too. It will be fun and I will get to see a side of Disney I have never seen before. I leave June 3rd.

Sophia is almost all done with her Junior National Honor Society work. We have the induction ceremony next month. I have been super teary about my kids these days. They are so great and I am so proud.

John is great. Working a crappy shift this week to fill in for a sick manager on second shift though. I get to do all the running around with the kids at night which makes the day longer. I try to stay away to say goodnight to him but I barely make it. 11:30 is a bit late.

I have no other updates I don't think. I just felt like it's been so long maybe we should all just say what's up?

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I don't like it either.
Lol about Luke. Glad Dylan isn't the only one. Your 'business' trip sounds sooooooooooo amazing. Lucky you. I'm so happy for you that you found a job that you love so much. Any chance that you can work at that full time and stop your daycare? Yay for Sophia! You have a good reason to be a proud Mama! Hope those shifts don't last too long for John. That is hard staying up that late all the time. Glad you are doing well Sam!

We are all doing well here too Smile

Dylan is in a pitching clinic for baseball and is doing awesome. The instructor tells him everyone week that he is really good. Baseball season starts tomorrow and he is looking forward to it. He is growing fast and is only 4" shorter than me and almost the exact same shoe size. Oh and he thinks he knows everything too. lol

Dakota has her First Communion on Saturday. She is very excited to be all dressed up in her nice new dress! She also auditioned for St. Mike's (their school name) idol and made it! She is singing Never Getting Back Together with my niece and I'm so excited that I can go watch her!

Savannah is doing a reading at mass next Friday at school. She's practicing very hard! She is growing fast and is only 1/2" away from Dakota. She is trying so hard in tap class every week and is excited for her performance in June! (Dakota is in that too)

Shaun and I are great too. Both working hard and having fun on the weekends. I think we're buying a boat this year so I'm sooooo looking forward to that!

We were at my BIL's wedding over the weekend and wanted to share this picture. My kids were so good and looked so gorgeous! I am also one proud mama!

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Double Post

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I like your boss too Sam! Smile Hoping if all goes well I'll be on the next business trip with ya!
Sounds like life is treating you well Samantha!!

We're doing well here too!

Alyssa has 1 more regular competition, then nationals in June. There's also recital in the middle! She's doing great with school, and loving her gifted classes!

Connor hit his first home run while Alyssa and I were at competition, then hit his second at the game on Saturday and I got to see it!!! So proud! He was so excited. I've been struggling with him and English at school. I wrote a "recommendation" for next years teacher. I really need someone to motivated him to do better. It's not a matter of him not getting it, he totally understands but is BORED with it. I need that to change! Math and other subjects are a non issue!

Tyler is a reading mad man!!! Ever since he started, he's loving it and reads whenever he can. This is a total change from the other 2. I have to bribe them to read for school! He's still doing well in Tae Kwon Do too. It's his physical therapy and he doesn't even realize it! He's really starting to jump higher...before he barely got 2 feet off the ground. I'm still going to contact his old PT since he cannot move his toes on his right foot. :/

Scott and I are fine. Scott works too much. I'm trying to get the travel agency thing off the ground! We're also considering putting the house up for sale and moving back to FL. We're going around the house and fixing cosmetic things to hopefully help us out a little. I'm not getting my hopes up! All 3 kids are ready to pack their things and go! Smile

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It has been so quiet here, we need to fix that so they don't get rid of us LOL!

Samantha - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic!!!!!! Isn't it nuts that our kiddos are almost taller than us? LOL
Sam - That trip sounds amazing!!!!!!!!! So exciting that you have such a great boss!
Brandi - why aren't you getting your hopes up about moving? Does Scott not want to go?

We are all consumed over this move but are LOVING the new house - more than I thought actually! Can't wait to get settled in and back into our YMCA routine! I told the kids we are going Saturday morning no matter what LOL. i'm too tired for a full update of everyone but i'll be back for that!