Week of May 13

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Week of May 13

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day celebration. I had a great day. Didn't have to cook or clean, and the family bought me a pink dogwood. Can't wait to plant it, if I could only decide the best place.

My spring semester is done. Just cleaning up and beginning prep for fall. Meeting a colleague later today to complete accreditation paperwork for the college. Kids have four weeks of school left.

Have a great week, friends!

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I love Dogwoods. I wish they kept their color all season though. I get sad when they turn green. Sounds like you are winding down ML. Maybe you'll get a break?

I am tired today. I have been working out alot at night and last night I slept like I would never wake up. I have lost 5 pounds but I guess being old takes alot out of a girl. I need a nap.
Just working.

Oh and you ladies will be so happy for me! Guess what I ordered! An iPhone! Yup. I did it. I joined the rest of America. I only did it because of the new job and Sophia's need to text me instead of calling. My old phone took forever to type 3 words. 3 taps for the letter C ect. So the phone cost 99 cents. Its just the 4. I was due for an upgrade so that is why the cost was so low. I could have had a refurbished one for a penny but I splurged. Went for the new one for 98 cents more. Of course there is the data plan and the $36 activation fee and the taxes. Still less than paying for an iPhone which I will not do.
Anyway. Still not sure how I feel about texting but I thought you would all like to know I am coming out of my cave.

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4 weeks of school ML??? We're out next week!!
An iPhone Sam?? I must start texting you! Wink

I'm just overwhelmed right now. End of school, end of dance, field days....I'm wiped! I spent half of Mother's Day at competition, then came home and threw myself on the couch! It was a nice day, with the exception of being exhausted...and still am! I'm thrilled we're done with school next week!

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I think we have 5 weeks left Brandi. Not totally sure because I can't remember how many snow days we got. And I don't have the phone yet so text away and don't be surprised when I don't text back! LMAO!! Tap Tap Tap C Tap Tap Tap Tap R Tap A Tap Tap P. That would spell crap btw. That is how long it would take me to text that to you.