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Weekend Thread

Not much going on here today. Just cleaning. Took Emma to the doctors yesterday and she has an EI :roll: Tomorrow morning the older 2 have swimming lessons and then we'll carve our pumpkins. I'm going to work out tomorrow afternoon as some point too.

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Poor baby! I hope she feels better and can enjoy the pumpkin carving.

We are awaiting a NorEaster. Getting about 3 inches of snow if we can believe the weather guys which you cant. It will probably be nothing or huge. The wind is already kicking up. We really have nothing to do so it gives me the excuse to stay in my jammies read and then maybe just maybe finish packing and do a tiny bit of cleaning.

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Oh poor Emma. Hope she's feeling better soon.
Sam, good luck! We've gotten hail, wind, sleet, rain, and snow so far today. Yuck. It better all be gone by the time I wake up is all I can say.

My dad had a large hemorrhagic stroke Thursday night, so that has been my issue the last few days. My sister is with my mom helping out, so I don't feel quite so terrible about being stuck up here, but it still stucks. He's paralyzed on his right side. The bleeding in his brain was in a place where they couldn't operate, so they had to let it keep bleeding. It is now stabilized, so the neuro doc says we wait for the swelling to go down (the blood to be reabsorbed) now. He can say a few words and seems to have a grasp of reality and everything happening around him, which is good. He has smiled from time to time. If the brain swelling subsides as they hope, he can move from ICU to PCU (progressive care) in a few days. He'll start aggressive therapy there and hopefully start to regain some of those things lost. He's a tiger about staying fit so is in very good shape, but he has lost much feeling in his feet and legs these last few years due to peripheral neuropathy. I don't know how this will affect his rehabilitation. Keep your fingers crossed for him and my mom.

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Poor Emma. Hope it clears up quickly!
Hope you don't get too much snow Sam! Have fun packing!
(((BIG HUGS)))) ML. I'll pray for your Mom and your Dad.

Just getting ready to carve pumpkins and then cook family birthday dinner for Dakota. DH is going to the hockey game tonight so I'd really like to just sit and do absolutely nothing. That would be awesome. I might work out first because I won't be working out tomorrow...but we will see.