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Weekend Thread

I posted a big reply on Friday to the Daily and somehow deleted it before I could post it grrrr... I know it autosaves but I don't know how to pull it up LOL.

Sam - what did you decide about the couch?? I would bring in the pieces - its a beautiful set! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses you picked!

Not too much going on here this weekend. P and I saw The Hunger Games last night and I LOVED it!!!! Today is swimming lessons for R, A and J. DH has basketball and I hope to get a workout in sometime as well. I want our beautiful summer weather back!! This seasonal stuff is for the birds LOL!

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HOpe the rest of your w-end has gone well, Melissa! I spent the day in NYC yesterday with some students, touring the Metropolitan Mus of Art, and eating a lovely pub dinner with a colleague and his wife. Exhausting but fun.
Today, trying to work, but N is being a pill. Ava and Dave are at a miniatures show; we have Daisies this afternoon and I'm leading the situpon craft. After that, home to change AVa for her swim lesson, then off to the Y. Not sure what dinner will be, but have to think of something soon! Have a lovely Sunday. Smile

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Melissa we saw the Hunger Games last night too. Loved it! She should pick Gale. Hes cute!
I think I might call tomorrow about having the pieces that are in be delivered.
ML glad you had fun!

John is paiinting the ceilings. I feel guilty that I am not helping and going out for dinner with a friend instead but not guilty enough to NOT go. Got my hair done yesterday and movies last night. Then did the groceries and dinner in a little bit with my GF. Busy but a good busy.

OK off to avoid painting. GOtta look busy.

OOO I forgot to say I just booked our flights for Florida!

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Sam - your too funny!