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Weekend Thread

I'm hobbling around - I kicked something in the garage on Tuesday and am still in pain - perhaps I should go to the doctors but who has time or energy for that! Ry has a sleepover at a friends place tonight and somehow I got roped into having 2 of Amber's friends sleepover! How is it that I go down 1 kid and up by 2?? I must be nuts Wink

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Oooo Melissa. You should get it checked out. What does it look like? Where does it hurt? If it's a pinky toe there isnt much they will do really except tape it straight to the toe next to it.
You should never end up with more kids then you started off with. That's just simple math. GOod luck with that!

Luke and I have eye appts this afternoon. I havent had new glasses in about 7 years. OMG has it been that long since my last eye check up? Can't be! Anyway I am due and he needs a real appt. Not one of the school tests or yearly physical exam tests. I want a real eye doctor test. Sophia and I both wear glasses/contacts so it's time he goes too.

Other than that no excitement for today.

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Lol Melissa. Good luck with the sleepover! We have not had one sleepover yet and I`m not in any rush to start. Hope your foot feels better soon!

Sam, I just read your post from yesterday. Grrrrr. I hate bullies! I hope their Moms punished them properly. That`s awful that his friends did that. Very cool that John caught the ball at the Sox game!

We went out last night for a friends birthday and DH kept me up until 3am! I woke up at 8:30 this morning, my kids slept in. And I`m trying to go back to sleep but I can`t! I`m going to be so tired today.
Nothing much planned today. Tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to.

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Melissa, how did the sleepover go?
Sam, hope the eye appts did not yield any surprises!
Sam II, you'd better be in bed by now. Wink

Busy weekend for us: Longwood Gardens last night for a special light exhibit you have to see after dark; tonight we had a family with 3 kids over for dinner and play. I think everyone did pretty well. I'm beat and have to grade a million papers tomorrow. Same old... Wink