Weekend thread March 17/18

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Weekend thread March 17/18

Dogs just went off to the vet with John. The girls like the car ride but hate the vet so good luck to Dr S and John. Luckily Dr S and John are golf buddies. He puts up with our girls. He also gives us doggie discounts. LOL. It will be quiet this afternoon after they get their shots. Lots of doggie naps to overcome the stress. It's a nice side effect.

Sophia did such a great job leading services last night. She is so sweet. She actually wished there were more people there last night. It was a small group for some odd reason. Probably the rain. So she is building he confidence apparently. I am so happy!

So now I have to clean and hopefully make a run to Jordan's to check out couches. I REALLY want new couches. My house can be a source of embarrassment for me since it needed so much TLC and there is only so much time and money to do all these big jobs. But I cant live with these couches another minute. I tolerate the downstairs not being finished or not having doors on the closets (the old owners punched holes in doors for fun I guess) or the backyard being a work in progress but I cant deal with the sofas. I keep telling myself this was a good investment and it was. It is a profit in any market. But there are down sides to it. I am a let's get this done kind of person but the checkbook says otherwise.

Oh well. couches will have to be enough for now I guess.

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WTG Sophia! Glad she did so well Sam. That's so cute that she wished there were more people there. Have fun couch shopping!

Our date last night was great! The kids even slept in and then played nicely for awhile so I could stay in bed longer Smile Yay!
Spending lots of time outside today hopefully! It's still really foggy and not sunny out but that's supposed to change. Dance and grocery shopping tomorrow and then more outside time.

Have a great weekend!

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Hope you found couches Sam!! Glad to hear Sophia did well!
I hope you got to enjoy the nice weather Samantha!

We were at competition all day yesterday. All 3 of her dances got top scores! Her 2 group dances got 1st and 2nd in their age division, and 2nd in overall for the entire division (they came in 2nd to the group above them at their studio!). So proud! My ex-friend/drama queen was telling my daughter what to do at one point when I wasn't around. I'm not happy. Next competition I will be saying something to her daughter to boss her around. Why? Because I can't stand that she acts like she's one of the most important people at the dance studio. Can't stand it anymore.

Today is hanging out day. I may go get Alyssa some flip flops since it's been too nice not to wear them! I need to get some stuff done around here too, so I'm sure I'll be busier than I want to!