What do YOU want for Christmas?

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What do YOU want for Christmas?

Ok, if you had to name something material, what would you like for Christmas? I think as moms, we always put our needs and wants behind everyone else's. Biggrin

I'd love a remote start for my van. It gets cold here in the winter so I'd love not having to go outside to warm up our vehicle.


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Does a new kitchen table and chairs count? I would LOVE that. Mine is 18 years old and in need of retirement. If that doesnt count then I would love to get wifi in this house!! I need to get one of those plug in thingys right? I just want my SmartTV to work!

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I don't really know what I want. I'd have to think hard about that one. Right now I would just like some new clothes...and I would like to have a stylist pick them out for me too. lol.

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I *need* a new vacuum cleaner. Ours is over twenty years old and recently started wearing out belts like crazy.
I *want* a bi-weekly cleaning service. Wink

I hope you ladies get what you want for Christmas!

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I want Tyler's 2 front teeth. I'm tired of him being toothless. Sad