Where is everyone :(

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Where is everyone :(

Hey girlies!!! Where is everyone? I want updates please! I'd hate to see our board go away after like 11 years now! So come on out!!!!!!

Our update is pretty boring LOL. We are all super sick with both stomach flus and bad colds - which is never fun fighting 2 different viruses at once! I'm just working away and loving my job and keeping busy with the kids!

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I'm here! Hope you are all on the mend soon Melissa...that doesn't sound like fun. Sad

We're doing good. After surviving the great Atlanta snow, yes we were ones that ended up having to park our car and walk home, we're totally over winter and ready for flip flops and shorts!!!

Alyssa had her first dance competition of the season this past weekend. They did well! She's doing her first duet with her BFF too. Connor starts baseball this weekend...if the fields dry out! We've had SO much rain! Tyler is testing in Taekwondo tonight, and he starts the next journey...contact! I had to buy all his pads and gear. He's super excited!

Scott is working as usual. I'm just running around making sure everyone is where they need to be! Smile

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I'm here!

I think for a more exciting update Melissa...you should update the picture of your kids!!!! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Brandi, glad you survived the snow! I miss dance competitions. They were always to fun when I was a kid. Lots of great memories. Sounds like the boys are doing great too. That's cool that he's going to be in contact Taekwondo. Fun!

I'm trying to enjoy my LAST week of daycare. I woke up this morning feeling like the room was spinning so not off to a great start. Feeling a little better now though. Should be a fun week. I'll be happy when it's over though. lol
I am starting to feel a little terrified about not having any income for 7 weeks! Our permit for our unit for our store is supposed to be ready Thursday. We're behind schedule so we're going to have to work our butts off to make sure the store will be open on time. DH and I are doing most of the work. Yay me. lol. We're aiming to open on April 4th.
Kids are doing great. The girls are both in dance and seem to be enjoying it. Savannah really shines in her dance class. I think she's going to love it like I did when I was a kid. Dakota is practicing her lines for her starring role as Flounder in the Little Mermaid play they are doing at school in May. She has the most lines out of anyone, I hope she remembers them all! Dylan is enjoying playing hockey (just on the outdoor rinks or in our driveway for fun) so he thinks he might join a league next year. He also loves snowmobiling. We went for a nice family ride yesterday. He got to drive his own, so he was super happy.

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Melissa I am sure you guys are better now! Sorry everyone was so sick.

Brandi I am glad you guys made it home alright that day. I felt bad for everyone down there. Some of the Boston comedians were having a little poke at it though. We are crazy and just drive through everything.

Samantha it will all work out! Somehow it always does.

Super Busy here!! Sick of winter for sure! We have never been so cold!

Luke is starting flag football even though I am still not a fan. I will try it but anyone grabs him I am all over that field! LOL!
He is doing great in school. Seems to be doing better on focusing so that is good.
Sophia is still an honors student and working hard to maintain A's. Also has her sights set on MIT. I hope that is something we can help her with but she will have a loan when she is done.

John is working a stupid shift. Hate it. He leaves in the afternoon and comes home super late. He was excited to say that might change at some point. They are adding another shift so his isn't so long. He is good though!

I am still doing the daycare full time and the Travel Agency part time. I have been working my butt off for Magical Vacations Travel. I will be trimming down the amount of kids I have by fall I think. At some point I would like to have a 3 day work week with the daycare so I can not be so busy. The travel agency is really picking up for me so we can do with less daycare money. I am doing too much traveling too to work full time with the daycare.
So that is it for me. Trying to get back on a workout schedule has been hard but I am determined!

Hope others come on to update!

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Sorry for not posting in a long time. The Cuties and siblings are looking so much older! I need to update my photo badly. Larry is in middle school (fifth grade is housed at the junior high in our district), he's in Boy Scouts and he's about to start his third season of soccer. John's loving kindergarten and is also playing soccer, and Ben is in a three-year-old preschool class at the same school Larry and John attended. Sadly, it's going to close after this school year, so we have signed him up at another nearby school. Ben and John are participating in Ukrainian dance at our church for an ethnic festival in May.

And our youngest guy, James, is now five months old! Larry doesn't have much patience for babies but John is especially close to his little brother.

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I am checking in.. Smile
The kids are huge!
I stay in touch on fb with some others like ML, Meagan, Beth and Shaniqua...

Isaac is doing great.. he is happy as we just got DUCKS!.. he has learned to Rollerskate and is into just being ALL BOY all the time.. he loves to climb trees, and ride his bike.. He hates shoes and socks.. lol so most of the time goes without till we have to go somewhere... He really enjoys our new church (been going for a year) it is closer to our house.. our main church opened up a satellite church closer to us.. and so now the boys are having a great time with new friends closer to us so they can hang out on other days.. He has a best friend and doesn't want to share him with his brother.. He is very competitive and loves games (which is fun for me as I have someone to play Sorry with.. or other games).. and he is good at them..! We are not in any sports this year.. he would rather be free to play ball at home or go swimming or camping whenever he wants to. We go swimming about once a week and he is getting better! He used to just jump in without knowing how to swim.. now he knows how.. and isn't so reckless.. He also enjoys helping his dad (he is a total dad's boy) and so whenever he can he is attached to him.. ;).. which makes life fun as Lloyd is off 4 days then works 4.. so Isaac learns all about fixing things like airplanes, motors, carpentry.. etc.. We just got a boat and are fixing it up and he is excited about that also..

Other than that.. rest of life is hard sometimes I am dealing with chronic illnesses.. the latest was a chronic migraine that has lasted for 2 1/2 years.. I have done everything.. and just recently found Essential Oils.. and they are helping more than the RX meds.. So after two neurologists that specialize in headaches.. I am happy I am finding something that may help.. massage also helps some, as does Cranial Sacral Therapy.

My oldest is good.. he is the brains of the family.. LOL super smart, but also with dyslexia.. so happy I can homeschool him.. he fills notebook after notebook with ideas (misspelled ;)).. but amazingly creative. He doesn't like sports or games much.. but has lots of friends.. including the next door neighbor who is his best friend.. so everyday after the boy gets off school and after his homework they play. He is learning to skateboard, and loves legos and star wars and LOTR. He takes his standardized test this year so prepping him and keeping him calm :). He loves going for testing though as the lady is super sweet and we take it at her home.. or with a group of other homeschoolers (which is also fun)... her house is at a Cemetery (they own it.. it is a private one.. and quite amazing).

All the kids look great.. Take care everyone!