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Is everyone ready yet for Xmas? Most of the kids shopping is done here just need a couple things for my mom and P. And need to start planning the food for Xmas dinner - we're having 20 people here so I need to be organized!

So what is your LO's asking for this year?

Ry is asking mainly for Beyblades :roll: He's getting a ton of them, the triple something arena and a counter/launcher. His big gift is going to be the Lazer Stunt Chaser and one of the stunt things. And he wanted Battleship Live - not sure what's different about it than the regular one except $20+ dollars LOL.

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TWENTY people? Eeeek! Congratulations on being almost done. I'm almost done with the kids, but the extended family is not even started. They've asked for some books, Ava wants a Barbie, Nicky wants a LEGO game, the usual things. We got Ava a scooter so she can ride with Nicky around the neighborhood. I hope she likes it because she didn't ask for one.

We're having our niece and her baby up on Christmas eve to spend the night and spend Christmas day with us, so I only have to cook for five. I'm making a small turkey breast, stuffing, etc. Basically the Thanksgiving dinner I didn't have to make because we went to the buffet that day. We leave for ALA the next day, so I can't have any leftovers!

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I'm almost done shopping for the kids. Just have a couple smaller things to pick up.
Dylan has asked for Lego and some WWE transport truck that transforms into a wrestling ring where you can laugh the WWE guys.
Dakota and Savannah want everything. lol. Easy to please. We got Dakota a cinderella doll that she wanted, a CD player with a microphone and some craft stuff and got Savannah a lot of Toy Story stuff, she loves Jessie! Got her the cutest Jessie hat with a red braid attached and some Jessie boots...oh and of course another Justin Beiber doll.

I'm hosting two family get togethers this weekend...one on Saturday and one on Sunday. This is going to be a stressful week!

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I am just about done. I only have to finish up my brother and get boots for Nana. I even have the stocking stuff bought. We are having everyone here so there are 12 of us. Not bad but still busy. I have a turkey from John's work but I think I need to add a breast too. His work turkeys never give us as much in leftovers as I like.

Luke is in Beyblade land too Melissa. He is getting a new staduim because the other is old and cracked, a bunch of new tops including the new tornado style tops, books, slippers, Pillowpet blanket, and one new Will game.

Sophia is getting UGG slippers, books, 2 DS games.

They both got an Ipod Touch as their big gift from John and I so the rest is going to pale in comparison.

John is getting something from me this year even though we dont usually do much for each other. It's a.....ML this may horrify you so read at your own risk......a Turducken. It's a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey with stuffing. John wanted to make one on his own but never did and I found a company that does them. He is going to be stunned! Should be here tomorrow. It's shipped same day.

I can't wait!

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I have barely started. I'm a little overwhelmed this year to be honest. No plans have been made but I know we'll go over to my mom's Christmas afternoon. We all decided to wear ugly holiday sweaters this year for fun. Ha! Biggrin

Morghan also wanted an Ipod Touch so that will be her big gift. Mykenah's big gift will be a DSi. We got Dimitri a 3DS for his bigger gift and then Michael will get a Leapster Explorer. Then just some smaller things because those big gifts are spendy! :shock: