~*~*Daily August 2*~*~

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~*~*Daily August 2*~*~

Hello, ladies. Hope Thursday will treat you well. Dave's and my 25th anniversary of our (first) wedding was yesterday. He gave me a beautiful silver bracelet, and I gave him an overnight in Philadelphia for Saturday night. We have the babysitter coming. Yay! Today, I'm just trying to get the house in order and maybe drive into campus w/Ava while N's at afternoon camp.

Somebody asked about the camps N has been going to (Sam in Canada?). Here is the sponsoring organization: http://blackrocket.tv/courses/, and the "tracks" they offer courses in. I'm not sure how to find out if anyone in your area offers their courses/camps, though. He's in "junkyard warriors" this week: building a car, catapult, and [third thing friday] out of junk and having competitions with them. He's loving it, except that thinking about Minecraft still occupies about 75% of his brainpower. He only gets to play it 15-30 minutes on weekdays. Sigh.

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Happy Anniversary ML and Dave! Both gifts sound wonderful. Smile

I cannot believe it is already August. Soon summer will be over for another year. We haven't got to do much this summer, which is kind of a bummer. But I guess work pays the bills so there ya go! I am going to take a day off next week just to take the kids for a fun day. We'll do Chuck E Cheese and a waterpark. Then I hopefully won't have as much working mom guilt. Maybe. Wink Have a great day everyone!!

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ML THose camps sound awesome! Happy Anniversary!
Kelli dont beat yourself up about working. I ask my kid if they like this house and all their stuff and food when they complain. Come to find out they do!

I havent been around lately. I have been busy getting stuff done for my new job. I am just about done training for the Disney travel agent job. I cant wait to book my first trip! I am ready any time. Kids have been at my parents all week so its been quiet nights here.

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Happy Anniversary ML!!! Congrats! That's a big milestone. Thanks for the info on the camps, I'll check that out.
Sounds like you'll have a fun day with your kids next week Kelli! Sorry you have some guilt, working sucks.
Sam that is so exciting! So are you just doing that on the side on top of your daycare? Can't wait to call you next year about our next Disney trip!

One more day until vacation. I CAN'T wait. Off to soccer!

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I still have the daycare yes. I am not sure how fast this will ramp up and if it will be enough. It depends on how many clients get sent my way I guess. I can keep all my personal friends and family ect but then there are the outside emails for quotes. I have been doing a ton of pretend quotes for Agency Exclusive Discounts and tonight I will be doing the regular Disney reservations and DIsney discounts. I think I saw a Canada resident discount Samantha. I'm excited if you cant tell and if it someday pans out I would faze out the daycare.

Enjoy that vacation Samantha!