~*~*Daily August 31*~*~

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~*~*Daily August 31*~*~

Happy Friday! My kids got the day off, so Ava's out with a friend for the day and Nicky is coming into work with me so I can catch up. He'll read and watch shows on my laptop, I guess.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend planned. We have a birthday party then a pool party tomorrow, then we're having friends over on Sunday. I have to go in to work again on Monday, so Dave will stay home with the kids. I don't think I'll be getting much "down time" this Labor Day holiday. Wink

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ML you need the down time. I hate having a whole weekend scheduled. I like time to just sit in jammies for a bit.

I only have one baby today. We already went for a walk and had a picnic snack but we are getting tired. So nap is coming. My kids are off till Tues too. Luke is with a friend right now. They are coming over here at some point while the mom goes out then the boys are going to spend some of his friend's bday money at the store. Figures they will be here at naptime though. I was hoping for a quiet moment. Oh well.

The only thing we have planned this weekend is a cookout with my parents tomorrow at their house. Other than that it's up in the air. Maybe mini golf on Sunday and Movie on Monday or vice versa. I'm just happy to have Monday off!

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Hope you get some down time ML!!
Hope you have a good cook out Sam!

Not much going on here - super busy this week! We may go into Toronto tomorrow to go to Wonderland or the Zoo but P can't decide UGH - men I have planning and preparation to do LOL. On Sunday I need to take tons of pics for my little casual job that's been pretty busy this week! Same with Monday too. We went to check the kids class lists tonight and i'm really happy that Ry is not in with this problem child that was really, really controlling of him in Grade 2 - last year I requested that they weren't together and then didn't think to put in the request in June so I was getting a bit nervous LOL. Plus he's in the same class again with J who he has become good friends with! Amber is a bit upset that a couple of her friends from last year aren't with her but her best friend from last year is with her and another good friend but of course being a girl she only see's the bad things LOL. I don't know either of their teachers so we'll see how that all plays out. I'm always nervous about Ry as he has some attention issues and he's had AMAZING teachers that work so closely with him and keep me in the loop that i'm always waiting to get "THAT" teacher that just doesn't get spirited children Wink

Wow how was that for a novel Smile