~*~*Daily July 19*~*~

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~*~*Daily July 19*~*~

Argh--time's getting tight. Lots of errands to do before leaving town at 1 tomorrow. Re. Nicky's tics: The dvlptl ped says to try the lowest dose of his stimulant meds (he's been off all summer) for a week to see if they will make him "less" fidgety and prone to move. If after a week this doesn't help, go back off, and then we'll probably get a referral to a psychologist for anxiety to see if there are some techniques he can use to help relax and manage his movements. We'll start the med experiment Monday morning after D and I get back in town.

Meeting friends at the pool for a couple hours this afternoon b/c Ava is bored out of her skull when N is at afternoon daycamp. I don't have time, but I'll suck it up! Blum 3

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ML have a blast! Enjoy every second of it. As far as tics go I feel your pain. Sophia started AF and the tics seemed to disappear over time. Maybe its hormona;?

Nothing doin here. Dog sitting for my sister overnight. Praying naptime lasts till they go home. LOL! Seems all the babies were up for their parents last night and now they are wiped. Just put them down so we shall see what I get.