~*~*Daily July 31*~*~

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~*~*Daily July 31*~*~

Hello, all. Nicky is really off the hook at the moment. I think Daddy probably let him play too much Minecraft while I was at the beach with Ava this weekend, because he is apparently having withdrawal. He doesn't even want to go to daycamp this afternoon he is so upset. OBSESSED with being able to play. Our rule is that he has to earn enough tokens to play in 15 minute chunks during the week, and he just can't accept that today. He had a HORRIBLE piano lesson last night, and that has him upset too. He is driving me bat**** crazy. Hope you all are having a better day than we are.

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Not good ML. Sad Hope he calms down for you!

The remaining school supplies have been purchased and we are off to school tomorrow!!! I'm ready, the kids are ready...hope the teachers are ready! Wink I may go and get a pedicure tomorrow to celebrate.

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OMG ML both Ry and Amber are OBSESSED with Minecraft at the moment! They live and breathe it as do the 2 neighbour kids - its all the 4 of them talk about! DRIVES.ME.INSANE!
Wow back to school already! Our summer break is only half over!

So we had booked our favourite campground for August 19th but P got the big idea yesterday that we should see if there are any cancellations for this weekend instead since he only has to take one day actually off with this being the long weekend instead of being off the floor for a full week at the end of the month (which is the busiest time of the month to sell cars!) so we are leaving tomorrow afternoon! Ahhhhhhh I have NOTHING packed and no lists made etc. but we'll just buy whatever I forget LOL. Why do I put myself thru this stress!