~*~*daily June 11*~*~

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~*~*daily June 11*~*~

Hello and happy Monday, ladies. Another lovely day in Delaware. Smile One of Ava's friends is coming to have lunch and play today (a boy she wants to marry--ONE of the boys, that is...). After that we're going to the pool because Ava wants to take her green bracelet swim test (she has backed out twice already). That gives a kid run of the entire pool including the water slide. Cross your fingers for her. She's got to get this done someday! I can't think of a good reward for her that doesn't cost a lot. I have a new chicken dish in the crock pot that I imagine the kids will refuse, as usual. Okay, I have to get to cleaning in preparation for our guest. Have a great week.

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Hope Ava does the test!

Not much going on here today - its super duper hot BLAH! I'm just waiting for DH to go to work to turn on the AC LOL. I really have nothing fun and exciting to say! I ran into Stacey at the mall yesterday - It was good to see her and Jake (who is sooooo old and huge now!) for a few minutes!