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~*~*Daily, Mon. Oct. 8*~*~

Good Monday morning, friends. We had a great getaway to the Poconos over the weekend. Now ready to get clobbered. Conferences, classes, grading, kid activities, errands and groceries this week. The family and I are taking a day-trip to NYC this Saturday on the Y bus. I think we'll probably do the Natural History Museum, Central Park, and have a look around Times Square (Toys-R-Us!). Keep your fingers crossed for good weather...

Enjoy your week!

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Hope the weather holds up for you this weekend ML! Sounds like you have a crazy week!

I'm cold! A few days ago it was 80. Not nice. Baseball is going to be cold tonight...not happy. I have to get this house cleaned this week. I have my Halloween stuff up, but need to get all the containers back in the basement. I just wish bathrooms cleaned themselves! :). Another crazy week here. Dance, 2 baseball games, me at school for 2 days this week, extra dance rehearsal, Tyler's first Tae Kwon Do awards ceremony ( he had his first belt testing last week and did great!)... The list goes on!

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You always sound so busy ML! LOL.
Brandi - I want to see pics of your Halloween decorating!

We had a very busy but really nice weekend. I'm ready for routine again LOL. And i'm ready to get rid of all this bad food and start working out again!!