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~*~*Daily, Mon. Sept. 24*~*~

NOW it's Monday. Urgh. Amazingly, Ava was up and at em, this a.m. I've got to get moving to get to campus and prep tomorrow's classes before...Nicky's first IEP meeting. He's never qualified before we got to this school, but at this school they are able to formalize his needs and help him more! Well, I say that now BEFORE the meeting. Maybe they will tell me something else at 2:15... All I know is that when I volunteer in his classroom his brain and body is everywhere except where it needs to be--on the teacher or the work at hand.

Nicky's First LEGO League mtg of the season is tonight. He is now in the competitive league where they have a 3-part research presentation to give to the judges, and their LEGO robot must complete an obstacle course. I'm going to be the research coach for them this year. I'll also coach Ava's Jr. league team again, but that won't start for another month. I've pretty much accepted my crazy.

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I hope they can offer more help ML. He's such a smart kid. I wish you tons of luck today at that meeting.

Ugh. I have a 1 hour dental appt today to fix some teeny fillings and an old filling. I am doing it all in one appt so I dont have to keep taking time off from work but I was warned that they may have to numb both sides of my face so I might have some trouble with swallowing ( that spelling looks wrong). I HATE the dentist anyway. Like truly HATE. THis is going to be a hard day for me. I keep thinking about the appt. I can't wait till it's over! I am going to do one filling sans meds to see if that helps. I was assured it's teeny so...... SIGH. I will need therapy after this day. I should just break down and take the pill she offered me before the appt to relax me. I just don't have anyone to do the driving.
I dont have anything else to say because that is all I can think about!

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Hope N can get the help he needs ML!
Good luck at the dentist Sam...I hate the dentist too. I'd rather go to the gyn!

We had a fabulous time on the cruise! I could have stayed forever! Now it's back to reality. I'm glad the kids have this week off. After staying up late every night, they need the time to regroup!

Gotta go get Connor a new pair of shoes today. Not happy sine the pair I bought him are only 2 months old and falling apart!!

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Pictures pictures!! Glad it was awesome Brandi!

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Good luck at the meeting today ML! Hope they can help Nicky! Hope he has fun at his Lego meeting tonight, it sounds so fun!
Good luck at the dentist Sam! I hate the dentist too. So much that I don't even go. Awful, I know.
I want to see pictures too Brandi! Glad you had so much fun!

We are recovering from a weekend at the fair. It was SO fun! I ate way too much fair food and beavertails. Yum. Then last night I hosted my Mom's birthday dinner and we're doing Savannah's tomorrow night. My feet are so sore and achy.
I have one daycare kid on vacation for 2 whole weeks, yay! So it's a little quieter here this morning.

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Good luck with the IEP meeting ML! Two of my kiddos have IEPs and it's really reassuring to have one in place.
Oh Sam, ick. I hope it goes quickly and painlessly!
Welcome back home Brandi! I'm so glad it was a great trip.
Sounds like a fun weekend at the fair Samantha.

Monday already?! The weekend flew by. Today is Marshall's birthday so we may go out for dinner. A great reason to celebrate plus no cooking for me. Why not? Wink 3 weeks exactly until our Disney trip!