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~*~*Daily, tue. Oct. 9*~*~

Sent Ava off to school crying. she hates school now. Something happened in the last week and I can't figure out what. She says she is scared someone is going to throw up or she is going to throw up. I'm going to call several counselors today our pedi recommended to see if anyone can see us soon. She really does have an aversion to throwing up (like a panic attack, I guess). She called for me to come get her last Thursday, which I did, thinking she was sick. Then the nurse called again yesterday, and luckily I had left my phone at home, so she toughed it out. Today she just plain didn't want to go. I hope I don't get the call. I have 13 student conferences and 2 classes to teach. Sad My stomach hurts FOR her; she clearly is scared to go. I asked her about bullying, but all she could come up with was that a boy runs after her at recess sometimes, and she won't have recess today because of the rain anyway. Help?

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OH ML that is hard. I would speak to the teacher first of all and see if anything happened in school. Did she see someone throw up? I think the counselor idea is a good one. I would also try not to let her see that it bothers you. Try to make like you are hearing her concern but you are not worried about it. If she thinks you are worried that will make her feel she is right to be scared. I would also try to avoid picking her up at school too. That will feed it so maybe talk to the nurse about that. It's hard to sound confident though when you aren't. (((((HUGS))))

Working today and Nana is coming over. We also got the word on Disney Discounts for 2013 from our agency and the word got out on a disney discussion board so we are about to get busy I think. Other than that I am waiting for the weekend to come back! COME BACK LONG WEEKEND!!

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Oh, poor Ava! Sad I hope you can figure out what's going on with her ML.
Hopefully the busyness will help the time pass quicker until your trip Sam!

Good morning everyone! Just working here and also staying very busy. Dinner with church friends tonight is the plan. Morghan and I leave for our trip on Monday so the countdown is on! Biggrin Have a great day all.