~*~*Daily, Wed. Sept. 26*~*~

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~*~*Daily, Wed. Sept. 26*~*~

Hi, ladies. Happy hump day.
Sam, happy birthday, a day late! I hope it was super-fun. Your family always does great things together, so I'm confident they treated you well. Smile

IEP meeting on Monday went very well. N is getting one based on his autism dx first, ADHD second. They'll start classroom supports right away like a schedule for the day taped to the crate of his books by his table (teacher uses crates and tables rather than desks, but that's another story). He'll also start scheduled morning exercises before he comes into class, and the teacher is going to cut down on his language arts homework assignment load since it takes him so long to get it done. There will be other things as we go along, I think. We meet again in a couple of weeks.

I'm home with the kids today who are off today for Yom Kippur. Ava has her flumist appointment at 12:30, and I haven't reminded her because she will s-t-r-e-s-s. It's just a squirt up each nostril, but she treats it like a hypodermic. Argh. Tonight both kids have piano lessons.

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Thanks ML. We had a cookout on Sunday and last night MOm and I went shopping.
I am glad to see that you guys are getting stuff set up for N. My mother fought like a tiger to get stuff set for my sister in school. I hope they are more flexible now because back then it was awful.

Nothing going on here. DInner out with Nana and working.

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Glad they are working with you ML! I just saw the little video on FB of the kids! Its great!!!
Have fun with Nana Sam!!!

I'm just doing work stuff today and folding what seems like 10,000 loads of laundry LOL. And we are getting the kids haircut tonight by a girlfriend of one of P's co-workers at her place tonight. She just finished haircutting school and needs to do a certain number of cuts but I didn't realize that P wouldn't be with us and that its at her place UGH this isn't going to be fun to keep all the kids entertained and behaved by myself BLAH.