~*~*Weekend June 16/17*~*~

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~*~*Weekend June 16/17*~*~

Well, the kids did FINE at sleepaway camp for 2 nights. They really packed the activities in tight, so there wasn't much time to get homesick. They both want to go back for a full week next summer! Of course, now they are exhausted, cranky, and driving us CRAZY. There's always something, right?

Ava's at a birthday party, then we are going to a block party. I'm sure this will not help their moods, but how can we say NO to parties!? Tomorrow is the day to rest. Happy Father's Day to all those great men out there, including my dad and my husband. We've gotten him a card and some special lawn chairs, and we're taking him to the Jazz Festival NEXT weekend with a night in the Sheraton downtown. The kids are coming too, but we will let him sleep in while I take them to swim in the hotel pool. Father's Day lasts a week around here, I guess.

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Yay for camp going well ML! Did you do anything fun while they were gone? Have fun at the parties today. Sounds like you'll have fun next weekend!

I have a 9 year old boy today! Happy Birthday to my Dylan!
We had a family party yesterday and we're having his friend party in a month. We're so swamped on the weekends. He's ok with it though. We also took the kids and Dylan's best buddy go-karting and mini-putting yesterday. They had a blast! He got a really awesome soccer net from Costco yesterday, so he's excited to get outside and play with it.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i've said it before but seriously how can our babies be turning 9?!?!?!?

ML - that sounds like a fantastic Father's Day for Dave! Glad the kids did good at sleep away camp!

Not too much going on here - just the normal running everyone around stuff! The kids have so many birthday parties this month to go to its actually a bit overwelhming! Plus Ry is having a sleepover party on Friday night (why did I ever agree to this????) LOL. I'm really dreading it - but oh well its what he wanted. Our van blew a tire this past week and we got another one changed as well that was wearing down so there was $600, not to mention our new dryer a couple weeks ago - so those to all the birthday celebrations going on, its been an expensive month!