~*~daily, April 10~*~

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~*~daily, April 10~*~

Good morning, all. Waldo fell down a few concrete stairs on the back patio about 6am today and is a little scraped up and limpy. Poor guy just can't get around like he used to (blind, deaf, and arthritic, among other things). Sad

I went with a friend to an Alabama Shakes show last night in Philly. VERY fun to see a hot band from my home state. The opener was another Alabama band that we liked a lot; hope they can make it big too.

Full day of work, but first have to get the kids off to Y daycamp. Pump It Up field trip today!

Need coffee to prop these eyelids open...

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Poor Waldo. Sad I'm drinking the coffee too this morning. These first few mornings after break are torture!

Gotta go get mom & dad today...at least I think! I haven't heard otherwise, so I'm assuming this flight took off. Smile I really need to wake up...maybe I'll take a little snooze!

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Oh poor Waldo. I hope he's OK and his pride is intact.
Brandi a snooze sounds heavenly. Come here and wathc the kids for me and we can take turns.

OK it must be in the air. Nana fell yesterday. She ended up with stitches in her head, a hematoma on her hand and messed up knees. Can you believe she didnt break anything?! At 94! She actually went home a few hours after it happened. She was going out for coffee with her GF and tripped getting out of the car. SHe probably wont be able to come on Saturday now. She is going to feel like a truck hit her for a bit.

Today the homeless coalition is coming to take most of my old furniture. The only thing we will have left is the sofa. They are taking 2 tables, lamps and loveseat. I already moved out the tables and lamps. They are on the back deck. I will slide the sofa over when they get here. I can move it easily out onto the deck but I dont know if I can tip it to get it through the door alone.
My new lamps came yesterday and what a difference in lighting! We can actually see stuff in there now!! I got a 3 light arc floor lamp. It comes up high and lights everything so great! LOVE it!

OK that's my update. We need to be at the Temple at 5:30 for a service run through. That runs an hour so I see us going out for a burger. Now time or energy. Hoping to get further on the cleaning tonight. My room is spotless and the dogs got baths. I might start SOphia's room tonight if I have the energy.

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Poor Waldo Sad Hope he's ok. Glad you had fun last night!
I'd take a snooze Brandi Smile I could go for one.
Poor Nana! Glad she is ok. Hope she heels quickly! That is amazing she didn't break anything at 94. Wow. Glad you love your lamp! You must be so excited for this weekend Sam! So much time and preparation, can't wait to see all the pictures!

Semi-quiet morning with 3 kids. I think I'll spend sometime on my computer this weekend researching for my Vegas trip! Ah! I still can't believe I'm going. Leaving my kids for 3 whole nights.