~*~daily, April 30~*~

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~*~daily, April 30~*~

Last week of classes for the spring semester! My kids have the day off for conferences, so DAve is home with them while I go teach a class. Ava has her 7y checkup at 3:00 I'll take her to. Will ask about her ankles (they seems to fall toward the center) and her weight (still sooooooos slim). Also needs a couple camp health forms signed. This post is turning into my to-do list! Tonight is book club; I'm leading the discussion and have not finished the book. DOH.

Have a wonderful day, ladies. Smile

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I'm checking in after a long time away -- sorry! Larry is very slim for his age, too, but he's always had great checkups. I hope Ava's goes just as well and her ankles are fine.

I'll post an update thread on us and then I'd better get a new siggy pic too. Not much is going on today, but I'm switching my email address on all my website logins because Ed wanted to switch us from Verizon to Comcast.

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I hope your day isn't too busy ML. Enjoy book club!
Hi Erin! Glad to see you back! Biggrin

I have been MIA lately too. Sorry friends! Why is life so busy? It's 1:15pm and I am just now getting to eat lunch here at work. Crazy day. I have to jet out of here and get the kids signed up for swimming lessons and swim team for Morghan as well. The deadline is at 5pm, I get off at 4:30 and work 15 minutes away. Should be interesting! Wink

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Erin - sooooo good to see you!!!! Can't wait to read your update!!
Kelli - hope swimming sign up went okay!!!
ML - let us know how Ava's appointment went!

I just hung out with my friend today and her little guy. Nothing too exciting at all. Busy day tomorrow though - a short workout at the Y while Jakey is in pre-school and then an ENT appointment for him. He is seriously the worst sleeper and breathes very loudly so i'm wondering if something is up with him that is causing the uneasy sleeps.