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~*~daily, June 12~*~

Raining! Should end by lunch time, but the temp is so low today I don't think we can make the pool. Ava got out of doing her swim test yesterday when her friend invited her over in the afternoon. Then we had to shop for camp supplies.
Today we're going by a friends' house so I can look at her dresses (need to borrow one), then I thought we'd go to the pool after lunch, but too chilly! So, we may just watch videos and pack for camp. I take them tomorrow for 3 nights and 2 days away. I'm getting nervous...

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Is this a sleep over camp away from you ML? We are getting your rain anytime now I think. It will last here for a couple of days from I hear. Hope you get some sun!

Did Melissa call Stacey old and big in her post yesterday? It sounded that way and it was totally uncalled for Melissa. Say your sorry. She's not big at all! She looks great! She is old though but you shouldn't say that. It's not nice.

Just came in from outside. Nana is coming over so its dinner out. This is the last week of school for my kids. No homework this week though so that;s a plus.

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YUCK to rain ML!! Hope you can figure something out to keep the kids busy!
YAY for Nana Sam! Smile I love the no homework of the last week of school. Also, I don't think Melissa was referring to Stacey...I think she was talking about Jake being more grown up? At least that's how I took it. :/

We had a GREAT vacation!!! We did have on and off rain all week, but it kinda worked out. It was overcast most of the trip, so it kept the heat down! It was humid, but tolerable. I really didn't want to leave...especially now since my allergies have kicked up after having a week break. Sad

Off to do laundry and get some food in the house!!

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Brandi I am glad you had a great trip! Welcome home.

And you do know I was kidding right? Dont you know I am an a$$ by now? It was Stacey's bday yesterday so I had to poke fun at her oldness in the hopes that she checks this thread.

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I knew it was someone's birthday yesterday! All day I was trying to figure it out and then gave up. Happy Birthday Stacey if you're reading this thread!

The kids are going to camp without you ML?

Have fun with Nana Sam.

Glad your vacation was awesome Brandi!

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Yes, it's sleepaway camp. Only two nights, but still their first time away. There's one counselor for every camper for this particular camp, so I'm sure they won't get in trouble, plus they have some friends going also. I really shouldn't worry, but...

Happy Birthday, Stacey, if you read this!!!
Brandi, glad you had a great trip.
Sam, enjoy your night out!
Samantha, hope you have a nice day today. Smile

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LOL Sam - your funny! Yes I was referring to JAKE as being so old and big LOL.
YIKES sleepaway camp ML! I'm sooooo not ready for that! P was trying to talk me into sending Amber and Ry this year but just can't do it yet!
Brandi- glad you had a good trip! Are you guys still planning on moving back to Florida?
Samantha - done that run yet ? Wink LOL.

Busy day here - Jakey had pre-school this morning and I did my workout. I brought my friend with me telling her the class I do is easy and guess what? The instructor KILLED us today LOL. Then we rushed home for lunch and then to speech for Jakey, then off to Wal-mart to pick up pictures for Amber's project. I'm ready for bed-time now!