~*~daily, June 1~*~

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~*~daily, June 1~*~

Happy June! Smile Cleaning house for weekend guests arriving around 4:00. Have to run errands and go to Ava's pizza party at lunch, too. Hoping to improve my attitude somewhere in between all this activity. N's at a day-long picnic/pool party for the entire 3rd grade, and he has been in a crazy anxiety panic about it for the last 3 days. Just praying nothing goes terribly wrong. No routine makes N a strange boy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Hope N does okay!!!!

Not too much going on here today. The 2 bigger kids are home for a PD day and its raining - of course :roll: P is gone to find me a new dryer and possibly a new washer too if he can find a good deal on a pair. I hope he does good! LOL We were all going to go but appliance shopping with 4 kids is NEVER fun and my Mom is taking them over night tomorrow night (YAY) so I didn't want to ask her to watch them today too.