~*~daily, March 6~*~

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~*~daily, March 6~*~

Hello and happy birthday to me! Trying to make the best of a busy day of responsibilities I don't want. Wink I get to meet Dave for lunch at a good restaurant; I have a groupon that will make it less painful. He's doing dinner for us tonight and getting cupcakes, I think. Should turn out okay, right? Forty-seven feels about the same as forty-six so far.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends.

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Happy Birthday ML!!! Hope you have a great day today!

We're heading out to a friend's for a playdate today. Me and 3 kids. Should be fun. She just had a new baby! Always love to hold them and then give them back. lol.
Have a good day everyone!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ML!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day and enjoy that lunch!

Samantha enjoy the playdate and the new baby. I love new babies. And I love holding them. Then I love giving them back. Hehehe.

So I am all set to have an endoscopy on Thurs AGAIN. My GI doc noticed my hoarse voice at my appt yesterday which is sign of reflux so I am going back in for a little nap. Exciting. Love it. Taking the day off. First I see the ENT to be sure that it isnt a polyp on the vocal cords but even he said this is the same as before so I will most definately be going for the scope after. At least I get drugs.

Working today and making more party calls at naptime.

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Happy birthday again ML! You share a birthday with the Oreo...and my mom. Smile
Oh Samantha, I'm jealous you get to hold a baby!! I love good snuggles!
Sam, what am I going to do with you? While you're asleep, ask for a tune-up to make it all better!

Turned my consignment in this morning, and took mom to lunch for her birthday. I'm glad a little of the chaos is over! I may actually be able to get my house cleaned tomorrow! I also want to get my dining room table re-finished, so I want to start working on that before it gets too hot outside. I finished it originally, and we've pretty much let the kids destroy it. I'm over it now, and ready for it to be nice again! They had a lot of the art stuff in there, so yesterday I cleaned it all out and put a table for them in the basement. It's neverending projects for me! Smile

Off to pick up Tyler from school. I can't believe I'm registering him for kindergarten next week!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!