~*~daily, May 16~*~

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~*~daily, May 16~*~

Hi, ladies. Hope everyone's doing great this Wednesday.
Ava and the entire first grade at her school are at the Philly Zoo today. I went with Nicky's class two years ago and vowed that would not be a field trip to repeat. Wink FUN for the kids--hard on the grownups!
N's over his strep but needs to EAT MORE to catch up. He probably lost two pounds he couldn't afford. Sad
Heading in to campus to work on prepping for fall and putting together a student publication. Have to get as much done as possible before the kids are off school! (June 6)

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Poor Nicky! Hope Ava has a fantastic field trip! Amber is on one today too - to a butterfly conserveratory. She was pretty excited and had to wear her butterfly skirt and tank top even though it was cold today!

Ry is still home today with this EI. He had a rough night but I think the drops are finally working. He seems much more himself today and has been playing Skylanders, Bey's and running around with the babies! Not much else going on here today. Jakey was up pretty early so i'm crossing my fingers for a nap LOL.