~*~daily, May 2~*~

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~*~daily, May 2~*~

Wow. this spring is racing by me. Crunch week...
Hosting a poetry reading for my 9 creative writing students today; faculty, admin, friends, and fam attending. Still have to buy flowers, set up, and write my welcome. (It's at school, thank goodness.) Eeek!
Having the kids' teachers for dinner tomorrow. That IS at our house, which is a mess. Eeeek!
Have to give final exam for humanities tomorrow and have everything else graded beforehand. Eeek!
Have to write letter to principal of N's school next year requesting a certain "type" of teacher for 4th grade based on his special needs. I'll really be asking for one specific teacher (principal's wife), but can't quite say so because we're not allowed to ask for a particular teacher and have it granted...This needs to get done by Friday.
N is in the middle of a bullying crisis in his class. A classmate has been terrorizing him and a few other boys for the past few weeks. He and the others have been called in to discuss it with the crisis guy after I wrote an email to his teacher about it.
Kind of stressed...

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(((HUGS))) ML. That's a lot to take on this week! Good luck with everything. I hate bullies! I hate even more when teachers see what's going on and do nothing about it. Is N's teaching helping him????

Just the little boys this morning. I think I might go for a little bike ride today so I can go get our mail. I have to finish our taxes as some point today, I hate that I'm late. We always owe money since we're both self employed so I'm not excited to file them.

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ML what a week! I would be raging about the bullying. I hope the parents are in on what is going on so they can do what the need to do. And I hope they dont try to brush it off. ((((HUGS))))

Samantha I know about be self employed. Luckily John isnt so he pays a bit more out of his pay and that covers me and usually get a refund. I hope it isnt too painful for you.

Busy day with 4 little ones. Just got down working out our Disney plans for Nov. I need to do the dining reservations Monday so we needed to get the plan set. Looks good too for a shortish trip.

Tonight we have a Math thing at Luke's school. Its for an hour. I want to love this stuff but I just dont. I guess when you have been doing for 13 years it loses its magic. Sad but true.