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    Default ~*~*Daily July 17*~*~

    Good morning. Nicky's birthday celebration went well. Had niece, husband, and their 1yo to Friendly's with us then back to our house for cake and ice cream. Baby had a blast playing with the contents of our paper recycling basket.

    We finally figured out what to give him: Frames 5, software for creating animation from photos. He used it at his claymation day camp last week and also in his Lego animation camp this week. He has already created several stop-action animation films at home with blocks and some clay we also bought him for bday. Win!

    Pedaling very quickly to get stuff done this week before Dave and I leave for a weekend music festival, Firefly, one hour south of here. We're staying Fri and Sat nights at a hotel right one mile from the festival grounds. We have their two babysitters tag teaming the kids while we're gone, and we've booked Waldo in the kennel to make things easier. Dave and I are really excited, but sad because this will be our last hurrah as old folks. I'm not sure how well I'm going to hold up over three days, but at least it's going to be reasonable weather (high in the low 80s). Many fave bands playing (Jack White, Black Keys, AWOLNATION, Killers, Cake, etc.), so it's an insane opportunity we couldn't miss.

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    That sounds awesome! And why will this be your last? You are not old folks! Enjoy the peace and fun!

    Well the new baby fish is still kicking. Luke didnt suspect a thing. Of course send a man to do a woman's job. He came home with a fish that is larger than the one we had and not quite the same coloring. Still a baby but clearly bigger. Luke was looking at her last night and said "Wow she had a growth spurt." Sigh. So naive. I am going to have to watch him around the ladies someday.

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    Happy Belated BDAY to Nicky!!!!!!! And I'm soooo jealous of your weekend ML!!!
    Sam - you make me LOL lady! That is funny but i'm glad Luke didn't notice!

    We had Y stuff this morning - so much harder to coordinate 4 kids plus myself to get out of the house for 9:30 than just Jakey and I like during the school year! The kids all had fun at their programs and I had a good workout though then I came home and we had a playdate and I had pizza and chips :/
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    Enjoy your weekend away ML! Glad you were able to find the perfect gift for N! They're getting hard to buy for at this age!
    Yeah Sam, not the smartest idea to send John to do a mommy job. Glad he really didn't notice!
    Melissa, you worked off that pizza and chips before you ate it! Right? Trying to help here...

    I had the whole day to myself today! My parents took the kids for the day...I needed that. I went and got a couple of casual dresses for the cruise and ended up coming home to take a nap. Got a migraine today for the first time in awhile. :/ At least I have drugs. I have to go out and get Alyssa dance shoes tomorrow. I can't wait until she's older and doesn't grow out of hers every year! It's an expensive adventure. At least I have a lead on some used tap shoes from a girl in the next group up! That will save me serious money!!
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