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    Default ~*~daily, May 17~*~

    Thursday--already! Nicky's 3rd grade concert is today. A few choral numbers, a few recorder numbers. Should be a hoot. Heading into campus to get some work done first. Cheers!

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    Have fun at Nicky's concert!

    Sinus infection...yuck. I'm on meds already, so I should be good to go for my mommy getaway this weekend! Tyler has his pre-k graduation tonight! He's so excited! It's going to be funny watching them sing, but I'm sure I'll she'd a few tears.

    Time to get my butt off the couch...I have a million things to accomplish today!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    GL to Nicky tonight!
    Awwww I wanna see pics of Tyler's graduation Brandi!

    Ry is finally back to school. He's on oral antibiotics now as well as the ear drops. This was one persistent EI! I'm just cleaning today and I have Boot Camp and Amber's dance tonight. I'm hoping P will get up soon so that we can go for a bike ride before he goes to work but we'll see about that!
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    ML have fun today! So cute.

    Brandi get better. Dont start that sinus crap again this year.

    Melissa I am glad is getting better. I was just looking at the siggy pic. He is smiling like Luke these days. What is that about? Its cute as a button but why do they do that? I wondered if LUke was the only one but apparently not.

    Today is my Friday thank goodness! I cant take another day. Squish my boob if you must but please give me a day off!

    Just cleaning again tonight. Fun stuff.

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