~ Daily July 30 ~

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~ Daily July 30 ~

What a crazy weekend! Alyssa finished up dance camp on Saturday. I can't believe how many dances those girls learned!! She did great and enjoyed every minute of it. Scott and I went on a date Saturday night, which kinda ended up not so much! We've been looking into cars to replace my minivan (something we'll keep until it croaks). We figured we'd go test drive a few since we didn't have the kids then go to a nice dinner. WELL, we ended up buying a new one! We weren't planning on doing anything until January, but when you get a really good deal you jump on it! Smile SO, dinner was fast food, since we didn't get to eat until 8:30 and I didn't want to wait until 10 to get into a nice place. Oh well.

Today is full of school related running. I'm going to take the kids to the mall to pick out their annual first day of school outfit, and Connor needs new shoes. Alyssa lives in flip flops all summer (like her mommy!), so her sneakers are still perfect and Tyler's still fit and look good (lucky me!). Then we have open house to meet the teachers. Tyler has the same kindy teacher the other 2 had, Alyssa has her dance teacher's mom, and Connor's I've heard nothing but excellent things about so we're excited! I'm thrilled that Connor's thinks out of the box. Connor gets bored easy and needs to be challenged in math...he was helping his teacher last year teach math to the class!!!

Okay, I need to get off the couch and get moving. I think this is the longest daily I've had in awhile!!! Smile

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Good luck with all the running today, Brandi, and congrats on the new car! Sometimes surprises are nice. Smile
Busy here. Babysitter will be here soon and I need to run Waldo to the vet then go to campus and work on my courses as long as possible today. Babysitter leaves at 3:00. I wish she were my teenaged daughter so I could keep her here all day and not have to pay her. Wink She's a great girl, though. I will be sad when she goes away to college (this is her sr. year of h.s. coming up).

I have book club tonight and have not read the book. LOL I might crash just for some conversation and a cup of coffee.

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Brandi that was a long daily for you! YAY for the car! John came in last night with my door handle in his hand so I am on the road to a new car too I think, though I will be sad sad sad to say goodbye to the CRV. That car should be up for saithood. It just gives and gives and doesnt complain.

ML dont worry. You will have a teenage daughter living in your house soon enough. Be careful what you wish for. Wink I hope you get plenty of time to work on your classes.

I have the day off today and we are all going to Canobie Lake Park for the day. Should be interesting. GOing as a large group (my sister and parents ect) is always crazy. I wonder if LUke with sleep over my parents tonight. He has done 2 nights so if he did tonight it would be longest sleepover for him.

I guess I have nothing else to say. Weird.