~daily Feb 2~

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~daily Feb 2~

Happy groundhog day! Looks like spring is only 6 weeks away. Probably more like a few days away, then back to winter, then back to spring, etc.

Ava had a friend sleepover and they're playing upstairs. N's working on homework. D's still sleeping (lucky). I have to schoolwork and prep for Lego meeting here at 1:00.

Tk Ava for recheck yesterday and she still has crackles in her lung. NP said give medicine about 4 more days to work on her, then if her fever returns, bring her back in for Plan B. She seems to feel fine, just coughing still.

Hope everyone's staying warm.

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Oh I missed Ground Hog Day! Damnit! Oh well. I hope Ava stays out of the woods. Did i ever tell you Luke was going to be Ava Grace if he was a she?

Gotta go see Nana. She went to the hospital yesterday. Long story short she went for nothing I think. She has no tolerance and panics. Had a headache for a few hours and then her leg started to hurt. My DX is DRINK SOME WATER WOMAN!! She never drinks. So I hope she is coming home today. Also grocery shopping and taking LUke to Hebrew.

Nothing more exciting than that. Would love 30 minutes to read though.