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    Default ~daily Jan 10~

    Good morning. I'm sending Nicky in to school a few hours late just to make sure he's up for it. He seems ready and has no fever still. Deep breath. Otherwise, I've got to catch up on course prep. I start teaching two courses Monday and haven't done one bit of preparation. Pedal to the metal!

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    Good news for N!!

    Trying to get motivated to get something done around here. Just don't wanna! No sun outside = unmotivated me! I even had my coffee this morning! I really need to make a trip to Target too. Guess I should get off of my butt.
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    I'm glad N gets to go back to school! I bet he's ready.
    You need MORE coffee Brandi! Mmmm.

    Good morning all! Well, we were only out the door ten minutes late this morning. That's pretty good for my group of slackers. There just is no motivation so early in the morning in our house. I get up at 5:30am each day and still always feel like I am running behind schedule. lol! The life of a mom I guess? Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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    I hope he does well today ML! Glad he is feeling better!!!
    I feel you Brandi. I'm the same way today. Good luck getting going!
    You're making me tired just hearing you get up at 5:30am Kelli! Yikes.

    I'm in such a funk this morning. I have no motivation to do anything either. And my weekend is jam packed and I don't usually like it that way cause it goes by too fast. lol.
    I'm also crabby because the public school is on strike tomorrow (big thing going on here in Ontario) so I'll have 4 year olds here in the afternoon instead of having an afternoon of me and sleeping babies. Waaaahhhhh.

    I'm done complaining now.

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