~daily Jan 14~

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~daily Jan 14~

okee dokee. Classes begin TODAY. Wish me luck! Not ready, tired, stressed, and it's not even 7:55am. Smile
HAPPY MONDAY, everybody!

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Good luck ML! Hope today is easier than you think.

Back to the work week. Blah. I stayed up too late and I`m tired. We had a nice weekend! Didn`t want it to end. The snow melted a lot and it`s soggy and wet outside, I`m hoping that it snows again soon because it`s hard to play outside in this weather.
Watching the biggest loser tonight! I ate too many cookies that I baked over the weekend, so I`m looking forward to getting some more motivation. I love baking but hate eating all the yummy stuff I make. lol

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I hope your classes go well ML!
Samantha, same here. I didn't want it to be Monday today! Boo.

We had a relaxing weekend so coming into work today was not something I wanted to do. Mondays are the worst, they really are. I have a baby shower this evening so will need to make something quick for dinner. That's about it. Later gators! Smile