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    Good Monday morning. I have to teach today, but the kids have off. Dave has taken a vacation day today to watch them. Ava will have a friend over this afternoon, which means she has to finish her Tgiving diorama before lunch. N has Lego league tonight; they're assembling their research about memory loss in the senior population. The challenge has become pretty involved at this grade level!
    Have a good week, ladies.

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    Good morning! I read on last week's thread that Ava is doing better. I'm so glad! Hope she's ok tomorrow. Sounds like they'll have a fun day with Dad today!

    Sam, can we see some pics please? Yay for having fun on your trip!

    We had a busy weekend in Toronto, so I don't feel rested. It's only Monday and I'm already dreaded the PD Day on Friday. I'm going to have extra kids and they fight more and they are harder to entertain. Urgh. Wow, aren't I a downer. lol

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    I hope the kids enjoy their day off ML! Ours are in school today. I'm very sure they would have rather stayed home!
    Weekends where you don't get to rest aren't so great Samantha. Maybe you can all get to bed early?

    Morning all! I'm not a fan of Mondays so much! Marshall and I went to a marriage retreat this weekend called a Weekend to Remember. It was amazing! Now back to reality. Boo. lol! Enjoy your day everyone!
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