~~Daily thread Sept 14th~~
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Thread: ~~Daily thread Sept 14th~~

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    Default ~~Daily thread Sept 14th~~

    Ahhhhhh I lost my cell phone! I was sure it would turn up at Wal-mart but they said nothings been turned in I'm soooooo lost without it! I went back and retraced my steps but couldn't see it. And P is convinced that I don't need one so getting another one is going to be a tough battle! Other than that nothing new going on here. Going out shopping with my neighbour tomorrow so i'm excited about that!
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    That sucks Melissa! I'd be lost without mine too.

    Trying to prepare for the weekend! We have two birthday parties for the kids to go to on Saturday and then we have dance Sunday morning, Savannah's birthday party from 11:30 - 2:00 and then my Mom's birthday dinner at my house! Lots of stuff to do. And I hate cleaning too early because it's just going to get messy again.

    It's Savannah's first day of school tomorrow and she is SO excited! I'm very excited for her because she wants to go so badly. Hope I can control my emotions!

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