~~Monday, July 18~~

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~~Monday, July 18~~

Hola, ladies. We are back from a fun family beach week in N.C., and in a few hours is N's birthday party at the park. Pizza, cake, balloons, and some simple goody bags. I hope the kids are okay with that. Wink

Here's to a wonderful week and happy birthdays for our July cuties.

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Hope you had fun in NC! Have a fun and happy birthday N!

I had a fun day. I just had my own kids +1 and we went mini-putting and then to Walmart (lunch at McDonalds) and then some shopping. We all had fun Biggrin

Dylan has soccer tonight, but it's supposed to T-storm. Still looks ok now so we'll have to see what the weather does.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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Welcome home ML! I hope the party was a success. Biggrin
I'm glad you had such a nice day Samantha! Sounds like fun!

Well, I just noticed this was yesterday's thread. I'm always late to the party. Wink Today is Michael's 5th Birthday! I can't believe he's been with us for three years now. Other that that, not much. We're all trying to survive this heat. The heat index is at 115 today. That should be illegal. Puke!

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Awww, happy birthday to Michael! Time really has flown, Kelli. It seems like yesterday that you announced he was joining the family. Smile
That does sound like a fun day, Samantha! Hope today was a good one too.

I got some errands run today, but am still behind on the bills since we've been away. Laundry still not caught up. Have to get cracking!