34 week check up

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34 week check up

I had my 34 week ck up today! Everything looks great Smile Blood pressure 110/68 gained 2 lbs since my last appt. 2 weeks ago. Ava Kennedy's heartrate is 143 BPM--I did get checked again today & am only 1/2 cm dilated!!! Talked to doctor about my options about pain meds--he said we would go on with the epidural & if it didn't work he would make sure I would have good pain meds. He also said that if I was to have to have a c-section for any reason he would put me to sleep since there would be a chance an epidural wouldn't work properly. I talked to him about an induction but he won't do one before 39 weeks but he will strip my membranes at 38 weeks. I'm trying to schedule something so I can plan to have my parents down so they can watch my boys when I go into labor. With us being military we have no family here & very few friends. Sawyer is soo attached to me that I'd be worry to leave him with any of our friends b/c he'll freak out. Okay enough rabbling---all in all it was great appt.

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Sounds great Smile

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life without family nearby can be so hard. Hope you are able to work it out so that the family can be there. Sounds like things are going well.

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Glad you had a great appointment. I hope you are able to figure out when to have your parents come in. I'm not the biggest induction fan (I was induced with my first) but the scheduling part sure is nice!

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sounds like a great appointment!

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Thumbs up for a great appointment..

I hear ya about the kid thing, with no family around. We're having him go to a friends house but I'm still not thrilled about it, more or less because of his lack of STTN-- that's frustrating on ANYONE, especially someone who isn't used to it. We don't have much of a choice though, DH's parents aren't invited until after the baby is already here and we're well into our own routine and my parents as much as they would LOVE TO, can't just come up on a whim and stay for 3 weeks. So we're kind of in that 'no family' bind also. I hope you guys figure out the best solution. FWIW, as long as everything goes smoothly hopefully you'll only be in the hospital 2 nights or so, so it won't be TOO long. :bigarmhug:

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Sounds like a good appt, hopefully you will be able to have your parents close by to help out with the kids

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I am glad you had a good appt Smile

Sounds like the dr really listened and responded to your situation with the pain meds. That is great.

I hope everything works out with your family. It would be very hard not having family around.

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While I do have family around me now I understand that tring to pinpoint stuff because Bill is 3 hours away.

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sounds like a great Dr. apt.... and i hope it all works out (i know it will) with your parents being able to come out and stay with your youngest.