36 Week Appt

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36 Week Appt

I had my 36 week appointment with my OB this morning. My BP and the baby's HB looked great. I'm measuring a week ahead, which I have been for the last month so no biggie. I also the GBS test, which I remembered being horrible but was no big deal at all this time (not sure why it hurt last time?). My dr routinely starts checking your cervix @ 36 weeks, so he did a check and said I'm not a full centimeter yet, more like a 1/2 so not likely I'll have to worry about a baby coming any time soon (thankfully because he needs to bake a bit longer!).

Anyway, now I just have to wait until my next appt to find out the results of the GBS. Overall a good appointment! Biggrin

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I am glad you had a good appt Smile

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Yay for a good appt!

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Sounds like a great boring appointment Wink

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Sounds like a good appt! Hopefully your GBS test comes back negative!

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It's always nice to hear about a great appointment!

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Glad all was good!

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Sounds good!

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Sounds like my appt. 2 weeks ago. OB checked me & I was only 1/2 cm...LOL Glad everything looks great Smile