37 week appointment

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37 week appointment

I had my appointment this morning. Overall, it went well. Blood pressure is good, baby's heart rate good, and I'm measuring right on target. When she checked me I am still only 1 cm. She said that there seems to be some scare tissue from the cerclage and that could be preventing me from dilating some. She also was having a hard time checking me because the baby's head is down so low and fully engaged.

The last bit of news I'm not sure if it is good or bad. If I do not go into labor on my own they will induce me on June 24th. I had never talked about an induction with the doctor because no one ever thought I would get this far. I'm hoping that I will go into labor on my own before that because everyone's induction stories sound awful. But at least I know how far away the end is. Nine days and counting.

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Why induce before your EDD?

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Sounds like a great appt, It must feel nice to get this far! Hopefully you will go into labour on your own and not have to worry about those scary induction stories!! At least you know that one way or another you will have a baby in 9 days! Yahoo

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Congrats on making it this far #1!! That's great considering all the complications you've had and all the bed rest you've had to endure! You've done so great for your baby and I know it's been hard on your family! I guess you will win the "race" to the finish since they're holding me off till the 26th haha

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Wow - the end is in sight and everything looks great. Congrats - you have done wonderfully.

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Why induce?

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They would induce because of my bicornuate uterus. It is like the baby being in only half of the uterus. They do not want it to get overextended too much and fear that it may not go into labor before it has. They also recognize how hard bed rest is on the family and that the baby is in no danger now so to make it easier on the family they would consider inducing.

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Glad to hear things are looking good.

When would the let you off of bed rest? I'd assume they'd give that a try before going straight to an induction?

If it helps, I had to be induced with my DD because I had developed pre-e at my 40 week appt and I had a GREAT induction experience. I went in not even dilated to a one, baby totally not engaged, and having very mild contractions (I couldn't feel them but the monitor showed I was having some), and I had her 14 hours after they started the Pitocin. I would have been an ideal experience if my first epidural wouldn't have failed, leaving me dealing with Pitocin contractions (which are supposedly worse although I have no reference personally) for 4 hours before I got a new one placed. But that really has nothing to do with being induced so anyway, if it comes down to that, it can be a positive experience. Keep us posted!

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I was off of bed rest when they took the cerclage out. The next day I had another prolapse so it was back to bed rest. They do not want me to do that again so they are keeping me on bed rest.

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YaY on making it this far :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Glad you have an end in sight!

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yeah for making it this far!!! woot!!!!! There is an end in sight and don't let too many induction stories scare you. My sister ended up induced after being a TIGHT 1cm for like 3 wks and she was 12 days late....it wasn't nearly has horrible as she thought it was going to be and HIGHLY reccomends an epidural cuz she relaxed quickly after that. Good luck!!

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I agree with Julie's sister, go for the epidural! If you are being induced you may as well be comfortable, right?
And Yahoo for making it this far!!! 9 days!!

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Way to go-making it this far!!! Not too much longer now.

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And we didn't even think you would make it this far, let alone have to be induced Lol It is kind of funny to go from one extreme to the other. I hope the scar tissue doesn't cause too much trouble for you and I really hope you end up going into labor on your own.