39 1/2 weeks...

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39 1/2 weeks...

Had my appointment today.

Still dilated to a 3 (same as last week).

My husband wished I would get an induction date. Part of me does too...but I am also a bit worried since it's a VBAC and I really don't want another c-section. My doctor would consider it if I want...but is very laid back and listening to me. Good and bad since I feel so torn myself knowing I've had great inductions every time. He even offered to break my water for me...(didn't feel pressured at all though).

I did have him strip my membranes. I would love it if that sent me into labor...Dr said best case scenario he'd see me tonight...but then I've had them stripped on prior babies and still gone over...

The part that wants to be induced now is because of the pressure headaches I've been getting and how big of babies I have (first 3 between 9.10 & 9.15 --then the last one was 8.3) and I'm bigger then with any of those...

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Sorry you haven't made any more progress :confused: Hopefully the membrane sweep will help move things along!!

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Aw, Lydia! I'll be sending you labor vibes, k? Let's get this show on the road for you Wink

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Hugs I so know how your feeling. They won't induce me because I am a VBAC too. Bill would love a date so he would not have to rush here from VT but he also wants what I want and that's no c-section. Sounds good that your open and they can strip you. I was not even ready for that when I was checked on Sat.

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Oh, I'm so sorry, you must be so torn and frustrated. I really hope you don't have to have an induction but that it won't be too long. Fingers are crossed with the sweep.

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I'm hoping the sweep with do it for ya!!! :bigarmhug:

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Here's hoping that things get started on their own very soon!!

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Labor vibes your way!!!