Ahh my aching BACK!

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Ahh my aching BACK!

I had this problem with my first baby too - my back seriously KILLS all the time. I don't know if it is from BFing or just carrying DS around (although I carry him MUCH less than I did my DD) or a combination of the two but man oh man, I am sore. Anyone else having back trouble?

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Mine doesn't hurt all the time, but if I sit in any position for too long it's really bad. I figure it's because I have no core muscles left.:confused: I'm hoping as everything goes back to where its supposed to be I'll get a bit more comfortable!

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I can't say I'm experiencing back problems but OMG I'm having neck problems BAD! I've already been to the doctor once but still no relief Sad It's been 3 weeks now & I'm still in pain!

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My back has been killing me the past few weeks, i was sick for 2 weeks and my muscles ached every where and now AF has shown up, so im hoping those are the reasons for my sore back.....

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upper back and neck muscles for me!