Alex is finally here!

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Alex is finally here!

For those that don't board-hop like me... Smile

I will write the long version for my space at a later date but y'all know what led up to his birth so here's the rest. Smile

It was a very quick, very intense delivery. I went to bed crampy. I had two good contractions laying in bed around 5:25 and 5:30 a.m. and my forebag broke with the second. Once my forebag broke (found out that's why the "gush" was so small and then just a trickle), I immediately started having hard contractions. They were every 5 mins. apart so I called my midwife and she said she would get a shower and head in. They very quickly jumped to 4 mins. apart and I called her back to let her know I didn't think we'd have time so she said she'd come in now and for me to head in. So, I got DH up and moving and we left. In the car they were every 3 mins. by the time we arrived at the center, which is 15 mins. from my house, I was in great pain and they were every 2 mins. I got into the tub, they went to every 1 min. and my doula arrived. I was unfortunately fighting my labor something awful and just crying loudly at this point. I really was trying to relax through the contractions but it all just went sooo very fast. I decided I had to get out of the tub, my BP was quite high by this point but I still hadn't spilled any protein so we assumed it was from the fast labor and pushed on. I got out of the tub and the baby was coming. I wanted to stand but got tired standing during the contractions so I said I'd kneel by the bed, that worked for a bit, but then I got tired kneeling and finally I just laid down on the bed on my side and somebody held one leg up and there was no moving again as he was coming! I fought him coming so much and I'm sure that added to the discomfort. Not sure how he was born as far as how he presented (posterior or what) but his head didn't come out for 4 contractions and I screamed like a mad woman. I will never say that movies dramatize birth again b/c I was indeed screaming like a mad woman and would have clawed the ceiling if I could have gotten to it. My back hurt, I burned and I just wanted him OUT! After his head was out, the relief of pressure was just extrodinary-- but then his shoulders gave me trouble but they weren't nearly as bad his head-- got them out and his hips got caught, lol, again, not as bad at the head or the shoulders but after I got him all out-- I said "THANK YOU GOD I'M NOT HAVING TWINS!" lol The relief of pressure not just from the actual delivery but the past few days has been the most amazing feeling!!! Like a load of bricks taken off me (more like out of me)-- I dunno how to describe it. I didn't handle natural birth the way I had invisioned I would... quietly and in control... but I did it and I think I did pretty darn well for a two hour active labor. He took his time getting here but once he was coming, there was no stopping him. Smile

I am just so thankful he is here, healthy, and doing well. Nursing is going GREAT! Would really love for my milk to hurry and come in as I don't think this colostrum is satisfying my big boy, lol, but he has an AWESOME latch. He hasn't been off the breast much at all today-- Daddy has him right now for the first time today so I'm getting some "me" time in. Well, I'm heading off here to go take a herbal sitz bath that the midwives recommended-- I had a second degree tear that I decided not to get stiched up b/c it was holding together so well by itself and I was just too sore after delivery to deal with stiches and nothing to numb it with-- my MW said it will prolly heal nicely on its own anyway.

Here are some pix of my precious lil guy:

Right after birth:

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Congratulations! Just love the pictures. So proud of you on making it through all that early labor then an intense, fast birth!

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Smile I'm so happy for you guys! He's such a precious loveable little guy! Can't wait to hold him again!

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How sweet! Congrats, so glad he finally came! Yahoo

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I love all his blonde hair, he is a cutie! Congrats Biggrin

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Congrats! He's just adorable Smile

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Congrats!! WTTW Alex!!

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I don't know how you did it. I could never go that far over due and also I couldn't do a natural birth. Cudo's to you! You did awesome.

What a precious little boy too Smile

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Loved reading Alex' birth story! Congratulations!!! He's finally here!

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Congrats! He looks so big to me. Love the pics. He is adorable.