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Natalie finally had her 2-week check-up (although she is 3.5 weeks).

She has grown tremendously. She was in the really low percentiles at birth and 4-day appt. Now she is over 50th in everything.

Birth weight: 7lb13oz
Current weight: 9lb2oz (66%)

Birth length: 18 inches
Current length: 21.5 inches! (88%)

Current head: 35.9cm (53%)

I have to say that I'm greatly relieved with her growth. Since Andrea has always been just above the average, I expected the same from this one and it really threw me when she was so short at birth. Guess that is what happens when baby is born almost 3 weeks early.

She is really gassy so going to try giving up dairy for a week. It might help me get more sleep if she doesn't spend the whole night grunting.... Lol

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Glad she is more "on track" for growth with where you thought she'd be anyway. GL on giving up the dairy - my pedi told me it can take up to 2 weeks for cutting something from your diet to prove whether it is helping or not, so it is tough! My DD was dairy "sensitive" (not allergic, but if I had too much it would affect her).

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Sounds like a good appt! yay on the weight and length gain, sounds like she is doing great!