Ava's Birth Story

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Ava's Birth Story

On July 10, I went for a picnic with my husband. We had a nice lunch and I munched on pineapple trying to induce myself Wink I was really tired, so we took a nap. Once, woke up I decided to read my book for a while. I got up, so I could get comfortable. When I stood up my water broke and it started gushing down my leg. I was so freaked out and started saying, “Ohmigod, I THINK MY WATER BROKE!”. My husband’s mouth fell open and everyone started staring at me like I was a freak! I was so in shock I couldn’t help, but be a little loud Smile I was only 37 weeks and 2 days, so I kept thinking that I had peed myself! My husband was laughing at me thinking I was crazy. I even went to the washroom in the park to see! I soon realized after the water kept coming and coming that it was not pee! I drove home with our picnic blanket under me!

When we got home my husband called the hospital and they said I should come in. We got to the hospital at 5:30 pm. I was a little worried because I wasn’t having contractions. I only started to have contractions at the hospital and they were not regular. The doctor checked me and I was 4cm dilated. I opted for an epidural. The epidural was not fun. It took two anesthesiologists over 45 mins to get it in properly. Apparently, I have a boney back. My husband said it looked unbelievably painful because they kept pricking me etc. When I turned around the bed was stained with lots of blood Sad

After, the epidural my contractions stopped and I wasn’t progressing. To make matters worse the monitor would not pick up any contractions, so the nurses and staff had to rely on me to tell them how fast they were etc.

They checked me again after a while and I was still 4cm. So, the doctor decided to give me meds to speed up the progress. To make a long story short around 5:30am the doctor checked me and I was fully dilated. She decided to wait till the baby moved down the canal some more, so I wouldn’t have to push like crazy. It didn’t really make a difference because when things got started I still had to push forever. I really felt like I wasn’t going to able to do it at one point. The doctor had to help the baby come out because her heart rate was slowing down. They used a small cup suction on her head.

At 6:42 am on July 11, Ava was born! She weighed 5.8 pounds.

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Enjoyed reading your story (probably more than you enjoyed the process)! Your little Ava is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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Yikes, poor you with the epidural placement issues! That sounds rough. But glad in the end, your cute little Ava came out. I can't believe how tiny she is, love it!

I put this in your baby space Smile

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Love that your water broke in public Wink

I really want to see more pictures of your little one, looks like her hair is a lot like Natalie's so I'm curious to see more.

Great story and congrats again!

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Congratulations again Robyn!! I can't believe how much hair Ava has, she's beautiful.:D
And all these Epi stories are scaring me lol!!:eek:

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That picture of the both of you is gorgeous...you're both beautiful. Haha, I loved the picnic/water break part Biggrin

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What a short and sweet birth story! I had an anesthesiologist from hell with DS2 who also made me suffer for almost 40 minutes trying to get the stupid epi in! She is so comletely beautiful, look at that head of gorgeous hair! Congrats to you!

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Congrats on baby Ava! Love that your water broke at the park! I had envisioned my water breaking at work, but, it didn't.:p So sorry you had a crappy anesthesiologist. I'm thankful mine was so great. She's so cute!

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Great birth story esp. your water breaking at the park...LOL Sorry it took several attempts for them to get your eppy right but atleast you got it & it was working properly Smile Congrats on baby Ava---I can't get over all that dark hair she's got! WoW