Baby Wearing

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Baby Wearing

Who is or will be baby wearing? What are you using?

I have an Ultimate Baby Wrap (very similar to Moby). Love using it and she loves it too and just sleeps all the time when in it.

Oh, I should find a picture...

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I had a sling wrap with my son that I used occasionally. This time I bought a Moby, so we shall see how that works out. I have a feeling with 3 kids I will need to wear this one a lot more than I did with my others Smile

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I made a wrap similar to a moby, and I loved it for dd. I also have a snugli, and a sling. I did lots of babywearing the first time (saved my life with a fussy baby!!) and I probably will this time too.:D

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I have a Moby I used with DD3, and she loved it. I plan on using it again with this little guy.

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I had a sling that I loved with my DD that got recalled Sad but I have another one that hopefully will be nice. I also have one I made that is pretty identical to a baby hawk, then 2 other random carriers I ended up with (a Front2Back and front-only carrier). I didn't have good luck with the Moby last time but may give it another try this time (my DD hated being in it).

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I have a sling I plan to use. A co-worker highly recommended the Moby, so I'll see how the sling goes before I get one.

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I need to get something. I had the UBW with DS he hated it.. so I gave it away. I'm not a huge wrap person, it was always really frustrating to me and I had so much extra fabric.. I need to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on a nice carrier.

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I couldn't get one that I liked with DD so with twins I figured it would be nearly impossible to find one I could use.