babysitter gift?

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babysitter gift?

my sitter that watchs O has her bday coming up.... she's also a friend of mine, but i just don't know what to get her.
She has 5 kids, so it's not like it's easy for her to get out....i was orgnially thinking a massage or mani/pedi would be nice for her, just to get out, but her DH works A LOT. Any other suggestions?

I also want to get something for you can throw those ideas out too... (yes, i'm thinking about my holiday shopping already!!)

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I loved gift cards to bath and body works, I maybe can't get to a spa but after the kids go to bed it is nice to get a bath with some new bath salts.

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Maybe a book or gift card for a book store? I know for me after a long day i like to read to relax, and now that the weather is getting colder i love to get snuggly under my blankets with a good book! Lol and i always start my christmas shopping in September, i find it easier on the cheque book!

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I know gift cards can be impersonal, but I absolutely love them. Otherwise, the mani/pedi idea is a really good one.